Before Committing To Another Technology Solution Answer These 5 Questions

1 Icon.png Does your organization try to leverage technology to create a competitive edge?

2 Icon.png Is it important to be able to easily adapt solutions to meet changing customer and marketplace demands?

3 Icon.png Even well thought out three, five, and ten-year technology plans are typically guestimates at best. Is protection against unforeseen developments and the unpredictable way the future unfolds of value to you?

4 Icon.png Would you like greater control of when you change or upgrade your technology solutions?

5 Icon.png Would you like the ability to avoid the typical financial consequences of technology changes resulting from traditional payment options (assets not fully depreciated, accumulation of worthless equipment, lease recasts, etc.)?

Did You Say Yes To Any Of These Questions?

If it was even one time, it is worth exploring whether a payment alternative known as TAMCO Shield may be a better way to help your organization manage technology needs. Shield is specifically designed to address the various circumstances above and more.

Take a look at this brief video introduction of Shield:

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