Consider These 5 Questions Before Committing to Another Technology Solution

Whether it is security, AV, voice, video, data, IoT, or any other related technology your organization may be looking to procure. If you answer yes to any of these questions, the traditional way to pay for technology may not fit your needs. There are better ways to pay for your next solution: 

01. Does your organization try to leverage technology to create a competitive edge?
02. Is it important to be able to easily adapt solutions to meet changing customer and marketplace demands?
03. Even well thought out three, five, and ten-year technology plans are typically guestimates at best. Is protection against unforeseen developments and the unpredictable way the future unfolds of value to you
04. Would you like greater control of when you change or upgrade your technology solutions?
05. Would you like the ability to avoid the typical financial consequences of technology changes resulting from traditional payment options (assets not fully depreciated, accumulation of worthless equipment, lease recasts, etc.)?

Did You Say Yes To Any Of The Questions?

Discover TAMCO Shield, Technology Equipment as a Service. This exclusive way to pay is only available through TAMCO and solves the technical and financial concerns most common with traditional payment options. Watch this short video to learn more about Shield and the value it will add to your next technology solution. 


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