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Summit Point Motorsports

TAMCO Case Study

Not Even Mother Nature Could Slow Down Summit Point

Mother Nature can be cruel. Wildfires, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, etc. The uncertainty of the weather and nature can be even crueler on a business and its technology. While residential damage is no easy walk in the park, damage to your business has a powerful impact on your livelihood. Summit Point Motorsports took no chances and made sure they were adequately protected from this type of uncertainty. This is why they made the logical choice to pay for their equipment using TAMCO Shield. It turned out to be a favorable decision.
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The Problem

When a storm moved through their area, it only took one lightning strike to take down a large chunk of their communication system. Sustaining damage to phones and the related unified communications equipment they needed to run their business. This disadvantaged them from everyday operations in a split second.


The Solution

Due to the smart decision they made when they first acquired their equipment Summit Point was protected. TAMCO Shield, technology equipment as a service, payment option has an Act of God coverage. This protected them from having to pay out of pocket insurance deductibles on damage sustained from the lightning.

TAMCO paid their out of pocket deductible and Summit Point was able to seamlessly work with their solution provider and TAMCO to get their damaged equipment up and running again.

Make a Smart Choice

Along with Act of God coverage, Shield has additional benefits intended to protect a business, give more control, and provide peace of mind. These nuances are not found anywhere else on the market. There is not another finance company that can provide this same level of protection and service as Shield, we guarantee it.

Technology equipment is mission critical to a businesses operation, don’t leave yourself vulnerable to change and uncertainty without protection. Choose a smarter way to pay for all of your technology equipment.

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