The 5 Tips To Enhance Your CPE Sales Process



Do you ask questions to discover what technology solution you should recommend to your prospect? Do you also ask questions to discover which payment option you should recommend to your prospect?

It is common for many sales professionals to neglect the latter question. The reason is often due to a lack of understanding about what it means to position a financial solution. It certainly does not mean asking the question, "How do you want to pay for this?"

While you may have heard about positioning a financial recommendation, or a how to buy option, most are left with more questions than answers. How do you actually do it so it is beneficial for both the sales person and the prospect?

This tip sheet will help you learn what it means to make a credible total solution recommendation which includes what to buy and how to buy solutions. There are five tips that will help you understand what it means to position a procurement recommendation and enhance the financial positioning side of your sales.

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